Technical Manual


Industry Program Onboarding and Information

Please liaise directly with your nominated speakers and chairs to confirm their availability and requirements.

All speakers and chairs must be registered to be able to attend and present at the session. You can use one of your sponsorship or KOL complimentary registrations to register your speaker for free or you can purchase additional registrations. 

If you are not sure what registration type is more suitable for your speakers, please contact us

Michelle Tan
Industry Relations Senior Co-ordinator 

Onboarding Form

Please provide the industry program onboarding details as required by the deadline indicated in the checklist and deadlines. Failure to do so may result in our inability to provide the appropriate service/s and may result in additional fees.

Deadline: 29 August 2022

You will be required to provide:

  • Session title
  • Synopsis
  • Format of presentation e.g.
    • 10:20 – Introduction (5 mins)
    • 10:25 – Speaker 1 (15 mins)
    • 10:40 – Speaker 2 (15 mins)
    • 11:55 – Speaker 3 (15 mins)
    • 11:10 – Q&A (25 mins)
  • Location of presentation (live or virtually)
  • Chair name and contact details (including bio and photo)
  • Presenter name and contact details (including bio and photo)


Please email the requirements, any amendments or updates can be shared via email.  Minimum requirement for 29 August 2022 includes: Session title, location of presentation, presenter and chair photo and bio. The rest of the information should be provided by 12 September 2022. 

 If you require any assistance with this, please contact us.

Michelle Tan
Industry Relations Senior Co-ordinator

Speaker Preparation

It is strongly advised that all presentations, regardless of virtual or in-person, need to be pre-recorded and submitted to the congress organisers by the specified date. Presenters can still present live if that is the preferred/compliant approach however the pre-recorded content will be used as a back up in the case of technical faults on the day of presentation.

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In-person speakers
Live + live Q&A
  • In-person speakers can submit their pre-recorded presentation by the due date listed on this document. This pre-recording will only be used if the facilities fail on the day and the virtual attendees cannot access the in-room stream link.
  • On the day of presentation, speakers will need to submit their presentation slides onsite to our speaker preparation room where you will be able to go through the slides and rehearse with your speakers.
  • Room setup is theatre style across all rooms
  • All session times listed include set-up, presentation and pack up time. Pre-presentation room access may be available for some timeslots and subject to agreement with the APLAR 2022 Secretariat.
Virtual speakers
Pre-record + live Q&A
  • Virtual speakers will submit their pre-recorded presentation by the due date listed in this document. This presentation will be played to the virtual attendees and streamed to the in-person attendees. Virtual speakers will then join the zoom link for the live Q&A that will be streamed to the Hong Kong convention centre and the virtual platform.
  • The zoom links will be shared with industry partners 7 days prior to the congress commencement. It is the responsibility of the industry partner to share this information with the speaker.
Virtual speakers
Live stream + live Q&A

If you wish to deliver a live session and not pre-record, please notify us in writing.  We strongly encourage pre-recording the presentations to avoid technical faults on the day.

The presentation will be hosted through the virtual platform using Zoom as the interface, similar to APLAR 2021. The speakers will be able to screen share and run through their presentations.

Greenroom/Zoom room
  • The green room (zoom link) is open approximately 10 minutes prior to the session commencement. The speakers/moderators will have their audio and visual tested by the technician located in the zoom room. The technician will provide instruction to the speakers prior to going live to the Hong Kong and virtual attendees.
  • Questions will be submitted through the virtual platform/app. These will then be read out by the chairperson.
  • Questions may be asked by the audience through standing microphones, it is the responsibility of the chairperson to prompt the attendee at the microphone to ask their question

The industry program is now available via our website at:
Please note program times may be subject to change.


The current restrictions in Hong Kong require food be consumed in a dedicated catering zone, which does not include individual rooms around the Centre. 

APLAR will monitor this and should these guidelines change we will inform you and advise instruction on ordering food. 

At this time, no orders will be approved to provide catering.

Date of update: 20th July 2022

Submission instructions

All speakers and chairs must be registered to attend and present at the session. You can use your complimentary registrations to register your speaker/s for free or you can purchase additional registrations.

Please contact the Industry Relations Senior Co-ordinator, Michelle Tan at, if you are not sure what registration type is most suitable for your speakers.

Please name your file as follows: presenter company name_speaker last name_session date

e.g. MCI Australia_Smith _30082021

Deadline: 14 November 2022

Live Polling

Polling questions must be submitted by 14 November 2022 to the congress organisers to enable pre-setting in the system.

Polling responses can feature:

  • yes / no;
  • multiple choice;
  • single choice; and
  • can be controlled by moderator

Deadline: 14 November 2022

Industry Symposium Technical Enquiries (Pre & During)

The virtual component of APLAR 2022 Congress is being hosted on a congress platform managed by a broadcast management technician.

The presentation will be fed through the virtual platform via Zoom as the interface.

The platform will feature a speaker’s preparation channel for speaker/moderator support. Speakers can also enter the session 10 minutes prior to the start time to check their sound/video with the dedicated channel AV technician.

Templates For Broadcast Content

Please click the links below for APLAR 2022 branded templates for the presentation broadcast:

Should you wish to design your own collaterals, please notify us and we will share the specifications.

If you are designing your own collaterals, please follow the templates provided as a guideline and it is preferred (but not mandatory) that the APLAR 2022 logo is included somewhere within the design.

The APLAR 2022 congress secretariat can design these for you using your branding guidelines at an additional cost. Please contact us for a quote.

Templates for speaker presentations, virtual backgrounds for broadcast, and other collateral will be made available soon.

Industry Program Rehearsal Schedule

All industry partners hosting an industry program session are offered a “live” rehearsal with your symposium coordinator, and our broadcast management team for the APLAR 2022 Congress. We recommend that you invite your speakers and chairs for the symposium to join the rehearsals.

  • Pre-booking of rehearsal time is mandatory and industry symposium rehearsals are only available to industry between the following dates and times:
    • Monday 21 November 2022 – Friday 25 November 2022
    • 07:00 – 10:00 GMT+9
    • 12:00 – 15:00 GMT+9
  •  Maximum rehearsal time is limited to 30 minutes per individual symposium

Bookings are now closed

Industry Program Promotion

All industry symposia are included in secretariat led promotion of the industry program, through a dedicated EDM.

Dedicated Industry Program Promotion - #1

Content: 3 months to Congress
Date: 21 September 2022

Click here to view the EDMailer issued

Dedicated Industry Program Promotion - #2

Content: Less than 2 months to Congress
Date: 19 October 2022

Click here to view the EDMailer issued

Dedicated Industry Program Promotion - #3

Content: Less than 1 month to Congress
Date: 21 November 2022

  • Full industry program published with times and dates and industry partner logos.
  • Symposium title included.
  • Links to APLAR 2022 Industry Program page on the website.

If we have not received the information noted above by the stated deadline, your items will not be included.

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