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Terms & Conditions

Updated on 25 March, 2024

1.   The following are part of the contract between the exhibitor and/or sponsor and the congress managers, MCI Australia, and exhibitors/sponsors must observe these rules. Any areas not covered are subject to MCI’s final decision.

  • 1.1.   You (the sponsor/exhibitor) by returning a completed, signed and dated form explicitly accept these terms and conditions.
  • 1.2.   Details may change without notice. Please refer to the congress website for the latest information.
  • 1.3.   MCI Australia (ABN 76 108 781 988) representing the organising committee and the Host body does not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes.
  • 1.4.   You agree that the organisers and other authorised stakeholders may use your contact information for any relevant purpose such as administration or advising of future events. You may ask us to limit communication to necessary matters.
  • 1.5.   We will use reasonable endeavours to provide constant, uninterrupted access to the Platform and the Services, but with any software product, this cannot be guaranteed. We will not be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages suffered or sustained by you as a result of, or in connection with, any interruption or delay in accessing and using the Platform or the Services
Services #

2.   Services

  • 2.1.   All Services will be provided based on the information and specifications supplied by you. All information that we provide is supplied in good faith, but we do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information provided by us or any third party. It is not within the scope of our obligations to enquire as to, or to verify, the accuracy of completeness of information that we receive from your or any third parties.
  • 2.2.   The Services, Deliverables and any functionality specified in previous conversations are indicative only and may be amended by us from time to time. While we will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the features and functionality specified therein, nothing in this Agreement prevents us from amending the Services at any time during the event delivery.
  • 2.3.   We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Services promptly or by an applicable Delivery Date or such other dates as agreed by the parties in writing. Any Delivery Date or time quoted for delivery, commencement or completion of any part of the Services is an estimate only and time will not be of the essence.
Your obligations #

3.   Your obligations

  • 3.1.   You acknowledge that our ability to be able to provide the Services to you without delate or interruption is dependent on your full and timely cooperation. You will (and will ensure that the Authorised Users will)
    • 3.1.1.   Co-operate with and assist us in the supply of your content;
    • 3.1.2.   Promptly provide us with full and accurate information, data and explanations as and when required;
    • 3.1.3.   Comply with applicable laws and regulations (including the General Data Protection regulation (“GDPR”) with respect to user privacy, data collection, data retention, data transmission, data storage and the use of cookies
    • 3.1.4.   Comply with all reasonable directions and guidelines from us as advised from time to time.
Financial facts #

4.   We will have no liability for any losses suffered or any damage caused by errors or omissions in any information or instructions provided to us by you in connection with the Services or any actions taken by as at your direction.

  • 4.1.   In no event will MCI Australia/APLAR be liable to you or any third party for any:
    • 4.1.1.   Loss of profits, revenue, goodwill or business, business interruption, corruption, loss or alteration of data, downtime costs, loss of use, failure to realise anticipated savings or for any indirect or consequential loss of damage of whatsoever nature, however caused;
    • 4.1.2.   Viruses worm, trojan or other malicious code introduced into, or transmitted to, your or any third part during the course of using the Services;
You and your staff #

5.   Your application to sponsor or exhibit does not constitute an attendee registration. You will need to do that separately as per the information provided in the manual.

  • 5.1.   Your staff (even if entitled to a complimentary registration) will be denied access to the event or exhibition unless they have completed the relevant registration form.
Exhibitor notes #

6.   Exhibitor notes

  • 6.1.   You have a limited licence to exhibit. You may not assign, share, sub-let, or grant registrations for the whole or part of the booth without our prior approval.
  • 6.2.   We are the sole judge of acceptable display items and you will remove them promptly if asked.
  • You will be responsible for any reasonable costs should contents of your exhibition need to be changed, removed or updated.
  • 6.3.   You and your staff must be attired and behaved in accordance with the professional atmosphere of the event.