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Presentation Guidelines

Templates and guidelines now available!

On this page you will find important information relating to your presentation within the official program at APLAR 2024.

Checklist and deadlines

Included below is a checklist to assist you to manage your presentation items and the relevant deadlines. 

Item Additional information
Prepare your oral / poster presentation according to the guidelines
Refer to the relevant program guidelines below
Prepare to chair your assigned session
Refer to the relevant chairperson guidelines below
Oral presentation template used to prepare presentation
Poster presentation template used to prepare presentation
Have any questions regarding your presentation?

Presentation guidelines

Oral presentation guidelines

APLAR 2024 is being held as a fully in-person congress. Therefore all speakers are required to attend in-person to present their work. 

Oral presentation guidelines

The below information is for all oral presentations. These guidelines include instructions on how to prepare your presentation.

It is important that you read and understand these guidelines while preparing your presentation. 


Presentation template
It is recommended that all oral presenters use the official presentation template when preparing their presentation. This template is already in the 16:9 ratio for you. 


Presentation length
Please refer to your notification letter for your presentation length. 


PowerPoint files
All users of MAC hardware need to ensure before they leave home that the files are compatible with PC hardware. It is expected that presenters will use Microsoft. 

Please let us know immediately if you use a MAC system. 


Movies and sound files
If you have movies or sound files in the PowerPoint presentation please embed them and test that they work correctly in presentation mode. 

To ensure a complete and effective presentation every time here’s what to do: 

  • Create a folder for your presentation
  • Place or copy every file that is used in the presentation in this folder. This will include all pictures, movies, sounds or any files that are used in the presentation
  • Now re-create any links so that they access this presentation folder (insert, movies and sounds, from file). Remember to resave the presentation
  • Another advantage of this approach is that you have access to the original files such as video clips etc in the event of PowerPoint problems


Loading your presentation
All speakers are required to pre-load their presentations at the speakers preparation room at least 3 hours prior to their session commencing

All presentations will be networked to the presentation rooms; therefore you need to ensure your presentation is loaded prior to your speaking time. 

It will not be possible to use your own laptop or USB for your presentation. 


Session information
Your presentation will be given in-person. Questions from the audience will be moderated by the session chair. 

You are required to be available for the duration of your session and to participate in the live Q&A. 


Speakers preparation room
Please check in at the speakers preparation room well in advance of your presentation (at least 3 hours prior to your session commencement). 

Your presentation will be checked, then loaded onto the network, and will be available in your assigned session room. 


What to do on the day of presentation
Please follow the below checklist to ensure you are ready for your presentation!

  • Make sure you have loaded your presentation in the speakers preparation room
  • Be in your assigned session room at least 20 minutes prior to your session commencing
  • Ensure that you are seated at the front of the room (front row near lectern or at head table depending on number of speakers in your session)

Poster presentation guidelines

IMPORTANT: In 2024, all posters will be displayed in a traditional printed format. There will not be any virtual/digital poster displays.

Your poster display information will be confirmed closer to the congress date.

Poster presentation guidelines

The below information is for all poster presentations.  

It is important that you read and understand these guidelines while preparing your presentation. 

In 2023, posters will be displayed in the traditional printed format. Posters will not be displayed digitally/virtually and there is no requirement to pre-submit your poster. 


Poster format
The official poster size is A0, portrait (1189mm high and 841mm wide – maximum size). 

Each poster is permitted 1 x A0 display. 

You are required to prepare your poster in the correct sizing i.e. it is not suitable to prepare multiple smaller size sheets to display. 


Poster template
It is recommended that all poster presenters use the official presentation template when preparing their poster, however this is not mandatory. This template is already in the A0, portrait style.


Poster information
All presenters are responsible for printing and preparing their posters prior to their arrival at the congress. Please note, the APLAR Congress Secretariat will not be able to print your posters onsite. 

Posters will be displayed on free standing boards in Exhibition Hall 3. 

Your poster space allocation is A0 size, portrait (1189mm high and 841mm wide – maximum size). Please note clear identification is absolutely essential. 

We recommend using Velcro to mount material on the board as poster boards will be Velcro compatible. 

You may consider having a synopsis of your research eg. A4 or US sized letter sized copies of the poster, available at your poster or a business card if people wish to contact you after the congress. These are to be placed in pockets attached to the poster (presenters responsibility to supply). 


Poster display number
The daily poster listings are now available. Please click on your assigned day below to see your poster number. 

SATURDAY poster listing

SUNDAY poster listing

MONDAY poster listing

Posters will be displayed in Exhibition Hall 3. 


Poster presentation
Poster presenters are required to stand by their work during morning and afternoon tea on their assigned day. 

This is when delegates viewing posters will be able to interact with authors to discuss their work. 

Posters will be displayed for one day and will be rotated daily throughout the congress. 


Poster display hanging times

Posters are required to be hung by no later than 1000 hours on each morning and removed by no later than 1700 each afternoon. 

Posters not removed by this time, will be taken down and stored at the registration desk for collection. All posters not collected by 1600 hours on Monday 11 December 2023 will be discarded. 

Chairperson guidelines

Please find detailed guidelines below to assist chairpersons with managing their assigned sessions. 

Chairperson guidelines

What can I expect on the day? 

The session room will be setup and ready for your session when you arrive.

At the front of the room there will be a head table for two. The chairpersons will sit at the head table and manage the session from there.

Speakers in the session should sit in the front row and will come up to the lectern to present/answer questions.


What if I need help? 

In all sessions rooms, there will be an AV technician and dedicated APLAR hostess who will be able to answer any questions you may have.


How will Q&A work?

Questions from the audience will be collected via the congress app.


It is IMPORTANT that all chairpersons download the congress app to effectively manage their assigned session.


It is the chairperson’s responsibility to ensure that they are checking the congress app for any questions asked.


Chairpersons will need to access the congress app from their own device to assist with their role during the session.

The app will show the following information:

  • Session information including the title of the session, speaker names, presentation titles and presentation lengths
  • Any questions submitted through the virtual platform


You will need to connect your device to the congress wifi and updates to your session will automatically be made through the app – it will be important to refresh this regularly.


The speakers will not be able to see the questions, so please read the questions out and direct to the appropriate speaker.

Important note: if an audience member calls out a question whilst seated, you must repeat the question so everyone can hear.  Chairpersons / speakers must always speak into the microphone.


What is expected of me as chairperson?

The chairperson is expected to manage the session, and this includes but is not limited to the following actions:

  • Introduce the session
  • Introduce the speakers (biographies are not necessary due to time constraints, full name and presentation title is sufficient)
  • Facilitate Q&A through the congress app
  • Ensure the session runs to time and does not exceed the allocated time
  • Close the session and thank speakers/audience

Discuss with your co-chairperson how you will divide the role within the session. For example one may choose to open/close session while the other may choose to facilitate Q&A. 

Program enquiries

If you have any questions regarding the program, your presentation or the congress as a whole, please reach out to the APLAR 2024 Program Manager