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About co-host Thai Rheumatism Association

In 1972, a group of physicians that consisted of internists, rheumatologists, orthopedists and physiatrists who were interested in rheumatologic disorders together formed a club called “Rheumatism Club of Thailand”. Since then, the number of membership and the academic activities have increased steadily leading to the establishment of “Thai Rheumatism Association” in 1985. The main objective of the association are: 

  • Promote science, research and knowledge exchange among the academic group of rheumatism and related fields 
  • Disseminate knowledge about rheumatism to physicians, medical personnel, and the general public 
  • Promote cooperation, medical ethics, and unity between doctors who work in this field and physicians in other disciplines 
  • Cooperate with associations or organizations in the field of rheumatism and related fields 
  • Support and maintain the reputation and honor of members and this professional field. No political relationship 

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