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Prof Shukurova, The Tajik Rheumatology Society President welcomes you to join APLAR 2023




Today, rheumatology plays an important role in medicine,  and like any other medical field, it has many unsolved problems. 

Integration, long-term international cooperation, summarizing the experience of countries, conducting joint scientific programs – this is an incomplete list of the tasks that any community has to face. 

One of the active associations in the field of rheumatology is the Asia-Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology and Tajikistan is an active member of this league.

In December of this year, the 25th Congress of the Asia-Pacific League of Association for Rheumatology will take place in Thailand.

The program of this forum is very rich, where issues of modern diagnostics and approaches in the treatment of the most common rheumatic diseases will be considered. 

Dear rheumatologists, therapists, general practitioners, there is a unique opportunity to register on this forum and take part, be more active!

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