Technical Manual


Pre-delivery, Set Up, Dismantle and Post Collection

Loading dock

The Hong Kong Convention Centre management (HML) will allocate loading and unloading areas, loading dock facilities, and material handling areas to the Licensee during the period when two or more concurrent events are occurring at the HKCEC. Unauthorised use of the loading dock area is strictly prohibited. Also, HML may exercise its right to remove and dispose of any materials stored in any unauthorised location. In such cases, the Licensee will be required to pay to HML any charges incurred for the removal and disposal of materials.

Onsite materials - handling/forklifts/trolleys

Material / items for stand:

If you are using the official freight forwarder for your exhibition mateiral, APT Showfreight, please notify them if you expect material will require a forklift or trolley to move so arrangements can be made for the move in and move out.

Custom stand builders / or not using APT showfreight

If you require the use of a forklift/trolley during the move in or move out of the exhibition, this must be pre-booked through ISS-Vision. This includes exhibitors using external suppliers for the purpose of custom booth builds. 

If you are using a external freight forwarder, there is no guarantee a forklift/trolley will be made available at the Centre so please inform ISS-Vision when finalising your exhibition booth who can make this booking for you. Charges may apply.

Mechanical equipment belonging to the HKCEC, such as scissor platforms, cherry pickers, forklifts, spiders, boxers and personal lifts, must be operated by trained users and therefore must be pre-approved prior to their use.

Set Up

Reflective safety vests

Contractors and exhibitors will not be allowed entry to the area unless a safety vest is worn.

Licensees, their staff, and any person requiring admission to the Licensed Areas, when vehicles (forklifts) are being operated in connection with move-in, or move-out of the Stands, Temporary Structures or other installations, will be required to wear a reflective safety vest.


Security will be onsite at the exhibition space during set up, open, and dismantle hours. Under no circumstances will children and unregistered persons be allowed access.

While every reasonable precaution is taken, the Congress Managers and the venue accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to persons or property at the exhibition resulting from any cause whatsoever.

Exhibitors must make provisions for the safeguarding of their goods, materials, equipment and displays at all times. Please be security conscious. Do not leave wallets, laptops, mobile telephones or any easily portable items unattended, at any time, in your stand. Exhibitors are strongly advised to remove any valuable material or equipment from their booths overnight. The protection of your property is your responsibility.


To ensure compliance, HML staff may inspect and test any or all installations at its sole discretion. If an installation is found to be unsatisfactory, the contractor responsible, who must rectify any faults and advise when the installation is ready for re-inspection and re-testing.

Storage of Materials

The storage of empty crates, cartons, boxes, shavings or other packing materials is prohibited outside the Stand and must be removed once unpacking has been completed. Storage of packing cases by Licensee, contracts or exhibitors in any part of the HKCEC is subject to the prior approval of Event Manager. Where HML, in its sole discretion, believes that safety risks exist, it may dispose of any such materials stored in the vicinity of the Stands at Licensee’s expense and without fault.


Dismantling exhibits

The exhibition closes at 1350 hours on Friday 9 December 2022. No exhibitor may pack down or dismantle their stands prior to this time. Pack down and dismantling is to take place strictly during the following times on

Friday 9 December 2022

Exhibitor pack down: 1350–1500 hours

Custom stand dismantle: 1500–2359 hours

Courier Collection

At the conclusion of the exhibition, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to label and arrange freight for all left over items.

  • Completed consignment notes must be affixed to materials (the venue does not provide consignment notes).
  • Courier companies will not collect goods unless there is a completed and signed consignment note.
  • Allow sufficient time for the goods to be moved from the booth to the loading dock—all boxes must be clearly labelled with your organisation name, contact details, and number of boxes (e.g. Box 1 of 5).
  • Ensure your courier has all the relevant details with regards to the items to be collected, for instance, name of conference and number of boxes and your contact details.


Courier companies should be instructed to pick up freight from the HKCEC loading dock on Friday 9 December 2022 from 1500 hours and must be completed by 1700 hours on Friday 9 December 2022. Any items left after this time will be discarded by the venue.

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