Technical Manual


Virtual Only Presentations

Speaker setup: Your presenter/s and chair/s will deliver the session online via zoom links (similar to APLAR 2021). They can present live or we strongly recommend pre-recording their presentations which will be played on the day of session.

Moderator/Q&A format: Questions will be submitted via the platform or via the delegates positioned at a microphone in the room. It is recommended the virtual option includes a virtual chairperson AND an in-person chairperson. The virtual chairperson will be able to moderate the questions being submitted through the platform. The purpose of the in-person moderator is to ensure the delegates in Hong Kong feel engaged with, interacted and to encourage participation from the Hong Kong delegates, along with visualising if delegates are using the microphone. 

Delegate view: The virtual stream will be accessible via the virtual platform for virtual attendees, and on screen in the session room at the Hong Kong Convention Centre for in-person delegates. 

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