Technical Manual


In-Person Presentations from Hong Kong Convention Centre

Speaker setup: Your speaker/s and chair/s will be presenting in your session room at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. They will have a lectern, stage, microphone and slide advancer for presentation. The presentation will be pre-loaded to the screen via the speaker’s preparation room.

Moderator/Q&A format: Questions from the audience will be submitted via the virtual platform/app or using the standing microphones positioned in each room. It is recommended the chairperson/moderator is engaging, interactive with delegates, and who is comfortable with technology. They will be required to monitor questions that are being sent through the platform via a tablet and/or foldback monitor which will be provided or direct to the attendee standing at the microphone.

Delegate view: We will stream the video, presentation slides and audio of the session via the virtual platform for virtual delegates. The session room will be setup to allow seating and interactivity for in-person delegates. Virtual speakers will be seen on the screen in the room and in-person speakers will be standing/seated on a stage front of room.

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