Technical Manual


Combination of In-Person and Virtual Presentations

Speaker setup: Joining virtually (remotely via zoom stream or through pre-recorded presentation) AND joining on stage at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. We recommend the virtual speakers are pre-recorded and join only for the Q&A component to ensure seamless delivery. The in-person speakers will have a lectern, stage, microphone, and slide advancer for presentation. 

Moderator/Q&A format: Questions will be submitted via the platform or via the standing microphone in the session room. It is recommended the combined option includes an in-person chairperson/moderator who is engaging, interactive with delegates, and who is comfortable with technology. They will be required to monitor questions that are being sent through the platform on a tablet and/or foldback monitor will be provided on stage for the moderator. If your session has joint Q&A or panel discussion, seamless transition without delay between moderator questions and virtual/in-person speaker responses are possible.

Delegate view: The combined presentation streams will be pushed onto the virtual platform for virtual attendees to watch as a wholistic session. For in-person attendees, the virtual stream will show on the screen, and the in-person speakers will present on stage. The session room will be setup to allow delegate seating to watch the session.

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