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Dr. Guochun Wang

China-Japan Friendship Hospital, China

Dr Guochun Wang, MD,PhD
Professor of medicine and Director of the Rheumatology Department and Key Myositis Laboratories at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital/Peking University Teaching Hospital. Dr Wang has extensive clinical and research experience working with patients suffering idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs) patients. He is the recipient of grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and many other research institutions. Dr. Wang has been in charge of a wide range of research programs in IIMs including observational studies, immunological studies, genetic studies, serological studies, and muscle pathological and imaging studies. Moreover, Dr. Wang is the author or corresponding author of more than 150 pubmed-indexed articles which have focused on myositis. Dr. Wang has been active in international myositis and rheumatology professional societies

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