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Geoffrey Littlejohn

Monash University, Australia
Geoffrey Littlejohn


Geoff Littlejohn is Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine, Monash University, and Emeritus Director of Monash Health Rheumatology, Melbourne. He is Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of OPAL Rheumatology , a not for profit Australian rheumatology research company, that he helped establish 12 years ago and which follows over 240,000 patients with various rheumatic diseases.

He is a clinician / academic and has published over 300 referred articles and contributed to numerous abstracts on a variety of rheumatologic disorders, particularly Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis, inflammatory rheumatic disorders, and chronic pain. He is a current member of the ACR fibromyalgia abstract committee. He has demonstrated the role of neurogenic inflammation in fibromyalgia and has published on the important interaction between the immune system as a whole and fibromyalgia, with emphasis on a top down model to explain this association.

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