Dr. Philip Li

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr Philip Li is a Specialist in Immunology & Allergy and Clinical Assistant Professor under the Department of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.

Dr Li has led the development of the in-patient drug allergy and immunology service as well as establishing the Immunology Clinics at Queen Mary and Grantham Hospitals. Dr Li is also a council member of the Hong Kong Institute of Allergy, executive committee member of the Hong Kong Allergy Association, and the Asia Pacific Association of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology’s Drug Allergy Committee.

Dr Li has special interests in anaphylaxis, drug hypersensitivity and immunodeficiency. He conducted the region’s foremost drug allergy studies and now leads Hong Kong’s territory-wide drug allergy de-labelling initiative. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of allergy, immunology and autoimmunity; and serves on the Editorial Boards of Frontiers in Allergy and Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and Immunology.

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