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Prof Lorenzo, Vice President of APLAR welcomes you to join APLAR 2023




I’m Dr. Paolo Lorenzo from the Philippines. The registration for the Asia-Pacific League for Associations in Rheumatology 2023 is now open.

The APLAR program will deliver live sessions featuring the latest, best-in-class research and provide an opportunity to connect and stay apprised of the latest developments and innovations in the field.

This renowned event brings together global experts presenting cutting-edge research and the latest advances in rheumatology. During the Congress, the APLAR Special Interest Groups will provide a platform for experts and enthusiasts to come together, exchange knowledge, and address specific challenges in rheumatology.

At APLAR, each Special Interest Group has a platform to exchange ideas, hear from renowned professionals in the field, and develop further understanding in their field of interest.

Contact your APLAR member nation organization secretariat today. Early bird closes on September 1st, so get in fast to benefit from over 200 US dollars in discounts.

For those in the Philippines, contact the Philippine Rheumatology Association for more details. See you in December. See you in Chiang Mai.